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Did you know?

When it comes to renting a compactor, we base the weight of the unit with the thickness of layers you're looking to pack at a time. This way, we can determine the right size of compactor to the do job right, and to prevent any potential damage to our equipment!

Compactor 100lb.

$56/Day | $224/Week | $672/Month

For 1-2" fill

Compactor 160lb.

$62/Day |$248/Week | $744/Month

For 2-3" fill

Compactor 200lb.

$68/Day | $272/Week | $816/Month

For 3-4" fill

Compactor 400lb.

$100/Day | $400/Week | $1200/Month

For 6-8" fill

(Camera shy)

Compactor 1000lb.

$158/Day | $632/Week | $1896

For 12-18" fill

(Camera shy)

Compactor 600lb.

$130/Day | $520/Week | $1560/Month

For 8-10" fill

Compactor 1100lb.

$160/Day | $640/Week | $1920/Month

For 12-18" fill

(Camera shy)

Compactor 800lb.

$130/Day | $520/Week | $1560/Month

For 8-12" fill

Compactor 1300lb.

$170/Day | $680/Week | $2040/Month

For 12-24" fill

Hand Tamper

$15/Day | $60/Week | $180/Month


Jumping Jack

$72/Day | $288/Week | $864/Month

For 6" fill